All The Zeros at Amber Bar

Kevin Cleator - All The Zeros @ Amber Bar

This was All The Zeros first gig in Douglas at Amber Bar. They are a covers band playing classic heavy rock and a good helping of Rush. The support band that was due to play dropped out so All The Zeros threw in some songs that aren’t usually in their set, but they did a great job of them. They played songs by Deep Purple, AC/DC, Rush, Chicken Foot, Rush, loads more and then some more Rush! I really enjoyed the gig, shame there weren’t more people there, but I’m sure once word gets around they will be filling venues.

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All The Zeros although a new band are no strangers to the music scene, all of them have been in numerous bands over the years. It was great to see Kev Cleator and Dick Raine gigging again after a break from being in a regular band. Mike’s high voice really suits the songs they played I especially enjoyed the AC/DC song. I noticed there were quite a few drummers in the audience, when I mentioned it to them they said they had come to watch Jonny Peacock.

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Photo Notes:
I’ve not found a setting that I’m really happy with at Amber, this time I used a 1/2 CTO gell on my flash and changed my colour temperature to match the gel. The aim of this is to balance the flash and the ambient light to give the photos a more natural looking light, but I think the images look a bit cold as I’m used to orangy lighting in the back ground and the hard blueish light from theh flash. I used my 17-35mm f2.8 lens most of the time except for a few of the drummer which I used 28-70mm. I bounced the flash of the nice white celing they have in there, my main aim was to try and avoid dark harsh shadows on the walls behind them.

When you hear the intro to Stair Way to Heaven by Led Zepplin, don’t stand their waiting to get an action shot of the drummer, thankfully Jonny told me there wouldn’t be any drums for four minutes!

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