Big Wheel Blues Festival Fund Raiser 2010


Fund Raiser for Big Wheel Blues Festival held at The Peel Centenary Centre. Featuring performances by Juggery Pokery, Loose Crew, The McLeans, Stalking Heads, The Big Wheel Blues Band, and special guest Davy Knowles.

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A great evening of entertainment from some of the Islands finest Blues players. The Centenary Centre was packed out but I suspect the announcement in the local media that Davy Knowles was making a guest appearance might have something to do with that. It’s a shame that’s what it took to fill the place, as all the music that evening was very accessble and enjoyable blues and the Jug band. I guess some people think blues is all “I woke up this mornin” droning on blues with loads of solos. Either way Davy brought in a good crowd and he also put on a good performance, he sang two songs, then joined in with some of the other bands, and I mean joined in he didn’t take over and steal the lime light. He was very humble and expressed his gratitude to the people on the stage who are the people who helped and encouraged him in his early career on the Island.

Davy Knowles

Marc Tyley - Stalking Heads

Dick Best - The Big Wheel Blues Band

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Photographers Notes:
Having photographed at the Peel Centenary Centre a lot recently I’m getting used to the place. As I’ve mentioned before I tend to use a custom white balance to cool the lights down a bit.

This was the first gig I’ve photographed wearing my recently aquired contact lenses. It was much better as my glasses just get in the way. I could actually see if the camera had focused correctly rather than hoping.

The lighting was generally good, the spots on in the middle of the stage were sometimes too bright compared to the rest of the stage, but the lighting changed often so I was able to get decent lighting on most band members.

I shot some images from the side and front of the stage using my 28-70mm lens as I can get away with a much lower shutters speed with that lense.  Alot of the images where taken with my 70-200mm lens, when the lights were up this was fine as I could get shutter speeds around 1/160 – 1/200th but struggled if the lights were lower as this lens is longer is it much harder to hold still so you get movment blur.

I also met the lighting guy, turns out it is a guy I used to know 20+ years ago. Glad I haven’t been too critical of the lighting in the past.

End Notes:
Check out Davy’s website
Be sure to buy tickets for this years Blues Festival

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6 Responses to “Big Wheel Blues Festival Fund Raiser 2010”

  1. John BarkerNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the great photos and video Adrian – good to see you there and thanks for your support on this site

  2. PeteNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome pics Adrian, really top notch. Gotta be happy with them. Pete

  3. Pete WoodmanNo Gravatar says:

    Superb photos, Adrian, thanks very much.

  4. dave mcleanNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Adrian, fabulous job on Alanna, but how come you have made me look so ugly? I could have sworn I was better looking than that. Ah well, as Anglin says S**t in, S**t out only louder!Seriously, thank you very much for your time and commitment to the centre, at least that always looks good on your photos

  5. Adrian CowinNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the kind comments.

    @Dave not sure what’s happening, perhaps it’s the lighting or my camera?

  6. Tony KNo Gravatar says:

    Great images, Adrian….and was such a good night!

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