Bitching Party 2010

Geoff Murphy - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

 Bitching Party gig in aid of The Manx Foundation for the Physically Disabled at The Colonnade Suite Villa Marina. Featuring  Postcode, RedGap, Geddy Up, Jacoba, and Uber Room and a jam sesison.

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This Bitching Party was organised in memory of Phil Maddrell who used to organise the original Bitching Parties. Hopefully it will become an annual event.

The party was started by an acoustic set by Marie and Mikey from Postcode, they played a great set of their original songs.

Mikey Daugherty - Postcode (Adrian Cowin)

Marie Reynolds - Postcode (Adrian Cowin)

Next to take to the stage were RedGap. New to the band is guitarist Lee Meier, it was great to see him in a band again. RedGap played a mixture of songs from their album and some fantastic covers including The Chain by Fleetwood Mac.

Lee Meier - RedGap (Adrian Cowin)

Val Nelson - RedGap (Adrian Cowin)

Joanna Earner - RedGap (Adrian Cowin)

Barry Nelson - RedGap (Adrian Cowin)

Hannah Layhe -RedGap (Adrian Cowin)

Then it was time for the debut gig for Geddy Up, a new band but the members are no strangers to the music scene as they are all in other bands, but have put together a Rush tribute band. They started off their set with Spirit of the Radio and followed with Limelight, YYZ, Tom Sawyer to name just a few. These band members have played in various cover and tribute bands over the years but this time they are paying tribute to one of their favourite bands and it really showed. They sounded brilliant and they really looked as if they were enjoying it. As did the crowd judging by the response they received.

Mike Jelski - Geddy Up (Adrian Cowin)

Kevin Cleator - Geddy Up (Adrian Cowin)

Lindsey Rowe - Geddy Up (Adrian Cowin)

Dick Raine - Geddy Up (Adrian Cowin)

Jonny Peacock - Geddy Up (Adrian Cowin)

The next act was a suprise one song reunion from Jacoba who split up a few years ago. They played Liquid one of their most poplular songs from their ace album Easy Listening for Foreigners which you can still buy here. Hopefully they’ll get together again in the future and treat us to a few more Jacoba songs.

Lee Meier - Jacoba (Adrian Cowin)

Jacoba (Adrian Cowin)

The band that rose from the ashes of Jacoba was Uber Room and they were on next. They rocked out with a set of their own material with a cover or two thrown in for good measure.

Jack Wolter - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

Steve Leach - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

Scott Beecroft - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

Geoff Murphy - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

Crim - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

After Uber Room a few people got up for a Jam

Kevin Cleator - Jam Session (Adrian Cowin)

Kevin and Barry - Jam Session (Adrian Cowin)

Sam Jenkins - Jam Session (Adrian Cowin)

Steve and Lindsey Rowe - Jam Session (Adrian Cowin)

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Photographers Notes:
last time at this venue I ruined a lot of my shots by using a too slow shutter speed. This time I went for a faster one and got sharp images but I feel the effect of the stage lighting doesn’t show through as much as I would like.
I experimented a bit with settings this time but also made sure I got some safe shots so at least I knew I had some usable ones. I need to experiment a bit more to find a technique I’m really happy with.

End Notes:

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  1. judeNo Gravatar says:

    again, Adrian, (although it was for the manx foundation for the physically disabled, the memorial gig was for the manx stroke foundation!) I will be ordering some in the new year, and thank you so much for coming and making some photographic memories for us. we will definitely be making it an annual event but may advertise it better next year!!! happy new year to you and thanks for the raffle prize too, see you soon, Jude x

  2. judeNo Gravatar says:

    sorry, some of that got lost somehow, i meant to say again, Adrian, some wonderful photos of a great night!! thanks, Jude

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