Ed Force One at Amber Bar

Pete Williamson - Ed Force One

The Isle of Man’s first Iron Maiden tribute band Ed Force One, supported by Dr Q And The Evil Empire performing at Amber Bar.

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The night was started off by Dr Q and the Evil Empire who play 90s rock including Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. and Pearl Jam.

I’m more used to seeing Andy hidden behind a drum kit but out front Andy is a great front man and loves playing up for the camera, until he got fed up and told me to put the f**ing camera away and dance!

For a couple of songs Andy and John swap places. Andy on drums and John out front singing and playing guitar which make this band like two bands in one, and shows how multi talented these guys are!

To much awaited anticipation Ed Force One take to the stage, this is only their second gig but the band is made up of the finest calibre of  musicians so I was expecting it to be good. The members of this band are also in other tribute bands such as Pigs on the Wing (Pink Floyd) A Little Bitta’ Rosie & DC/AC (AC/DC) and now they are giving us a taste of Iron Maiden goodness.

And they didn’t dissapoint us, their sound was great. Someone asked me if I was in to Iron Maiden, I told them I was 20 years ago, and this gig took me right back there. The characteristic Iron Maiden sound with the two lead guitarists was spot on, as was the rest of the band, and Mike has right voice for the job.

Amber was packed for this gig, and the moshpit was full of people in their Iron Maiden t-shirts head banging and singing along. (and kicking me)

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Photo Notes:
The stage area in Amber is quite small so it’s a struggle to avoid shadows on the walls behind the artists, and to get a clear shot without a microphone stand in the way. I used my 17-35mm lens as I was right up the front with the moshpit right behind me, some of whom thought it was great fun to kick me. Main aims were to get some good action shots, let enough ambient light in to give the photos some warmth by using a slowish shutter speed. And to avoid harsh shadows on the walls behind. I did this by bouncing the flash of the celing and using a stofen defuser.

Bouncing the flash of the celing and getting too close to the subject results in strange shadows and sometime dark faces if the person is looking down.

White guitars are a nightmare to photograph as they fool the flash in ETTL mode in to thinking the photo is exposed correctly while leaving the rest of the image quite dark. I use a minus setting on my ETTL to compensate for this.

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