Gerald James Clark at Fiesta Havana

Gerald James Clark

My friend Theresa Clark Lee  brought her family member Gerald James Clark over from Cape Town, South Africa to play some shows in the Isle of Man while the Big Wheel Blues Festival was on. Gerald plays acoustic blues, he has a great a style and voice and adds some humor in to his set.

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Although Gerald was headlining he played his set between the support acts. Hayley Wilson and young rock band Stockholm.

Haley started the evening off singing a few covers to backing tracks. When she was belting it out she sounded great but struggled with some of the songs she didn’t know to well.

It was great to see Stockholm again as I had previously only caught the end of their set and was impressed. They play all the songs I was in to when I was their age, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and my favourite song of the night was a cover of Daughter of the Everglades originally by Rory Gallagher. They also play a few of their own original songs.

They were fun to photograph as they like to move around and Peter does a few of  the classic guitar moves. There was generally good interaction between the band members on stage.

Gerald got up with Stockholm for a couple of songs.

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Photographers Notes:
Fiesta Havana is very dark, the background is clutered, and there is a mixture of coloured disco lights and tungsten lights. My main consideration was to try and keep some of the ambient light and use just enough flash to light the artists but not light up the background. When using my 70-200mm lens I used f2.8 to try and blur the background. By the time Stockholm came on there were a few people up dancing so I used my 17-35mm and and got in close to the band for some action shots.

End Notes:
Gerald and Stockholm don’t seem to have websites for me to link to but look them up on facebook as they have profiles set up.

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