Gerald James Clark at The Queens Hotel


After Geralds first gig on the Island at Fiesta Havana he went on to do many more gigs in the Isle of Man including Beltane and The Big Wheel Blues Festival, on his travels met so many people by the time I caught one of his last gigs he had a few new friends joining him on stage. If he’d been here any longer he would have had a full band!

He was joined by Andy North who played banjo and accordian, and Tim Cass who played mouth organ, and Hayley Wilson got up and did a song.

Having guests added to the performance and with the audience was full of Geralds new fans he had made on the Island which seemed to make him more comfortable than he had looked at the Fiesta Havana gig.

Andy and Gerald had a bit of fun on some of the songs playing Duelling Banjos and a song that was a mixture of traditional folk music with an infusion of African guitar. I guess these were the results of a few drunken nights jamming but I really enjoyed it.

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