I Am President at The Peel Centenary Centre


I Am President are a young blues rock trio formed in 2009, They have been working hard gigging in pubs and at events over the last 18 months, building up a good following.

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The gig at the Peel Centenary Centre was their first larger venue headline concert. Unfortunately the gig was on the same night as the Britain’s Got Talent final, and coincided with TT Week, which rather than bringing in the crowds as they probably hoped, it probably had the opposite affect as there are so many other gigs on all over the Island and a lot of the people who generally go to gigs are also in bands and they would have been playing elsewhere.

It didn’t stop the guys putting on a great show, and the small but enthusiastic crowd that was there certainly enjoyed it. They blasted out covers by the likes of Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, ZZ Top, and a few of their own original songs.

Helen Morrison opened up the night with a few of her own songs.

Check out the video I took of the encore.

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Photographers Notes:
I have photographed enough gigs at the Peel Centenary Centre to have an idea of base settings to use.

They have a white background which can look good in some photos but as it doesn’t fill the whole stage you can end up with black edges. The coloured LED lights they have are nice and they change the colour on stage regularly so which adds interest to the photos rather than them being all the same. The main problem is the spot lights that are mounted directly above the stage which means lots of shadows and dark faces if the artist is looking down. And with only one spotlight on stage it meant great lighting for the bass player but the guitar player/singer was in the dark. I constantly had to change my ISO setting depending on where on the stage I was taking photos. The spot lights because they are so close to the artists are turned right down which rather than them giving off a nice white light, they emit a very orange looking light, which doesn’t lend to natural looking skin tones. I tend to set a manual colour temperature around 3200K to cool this down a bit.

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