Nigel and Roger at Jaks Bar

Nigel and Roger are famous for their late night entertainment at what is commonly known as The Star Wars Bar at the Hilton Hotel, I think it’s real name is Whispers Bar.  It only opens at midnight and the clientele they attract at that time of night is reminiscent of  the bar scene featured in Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.

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Nigel and Roger play absolutely anything and everything, at The Star Wars Bar they get everyone up dancing but there was a bit of a different crowd in Jaks, and the only people getting up were drunk blokes doing muscle men poses in front of my camera!

They were billed the Monty Jameson Band, which is Nigel Williams guitar and Keyboards, Paul Tonks on keyboard, Pete Williamson on Bass, and Roger Leece on Drums, but it was just the two of them as Pete was busy doing his Iron Maiden Tribute

Nigel wasn’t sure who I was and said “They must be paying the Tax man well to be able to afford a decent camera” He was implying that I was a snoop working for the tax office. I’d never considered that the Tax man might look at my site to who has been gigging, but I’ve heard that the pubs are required to submit a list of which bands have played and contact details so, don’t blame me if the tax man catches up with you!

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Photo Notes:
None really. Just a few snapshots. It was the end of the night after watching Ed Force One at Amber, I popped in to Jaks for a final drink before going home. My main aim was to get a few shots without looking too drunk, getting beaten up by the posing muscle men, or loose my camera 😉

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