Peelstock 2010 at Peel Football Club


Peelstock 2010 a one day fundraising festival held at Peel Football Club in aid of The Tommy Clucas Memorial Fund. Performances by Halfway Home, Alex Cowley, Alex Harris, Maldune, The Shedmen, The G.A.S.P. and Caution Runners. 10th July 2010.

I think the weather put a lot of people off as it was quiet to start of with, there was more security, helpers, and police than visitors when I got there but it got busier later on. The whole event was really well organised, and well set up. Anglin Buttimore did a great job with the sound and Justin’s team at ELS put on good light show.

I think it must be because Peel is a small place and everyone knows each other that, they just seem to let loose and have a good time at events like this. There just seemed to be a really good atmosphere with young kids and older people all having fun and enjoying the music while raising money for a good cause. I’m sure people were even enjoying the fact that they were dancing in the rain.

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Halfway Home
A great young band playing mostly covers by bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Kings of Leon. I was pleasantly supprised at how good they were as I didn’t expect much from the first band on , especially such an young band, but they held their own and could have played any slot and still won the crowd over. I thought the singer was really good and can’t wait until they are old enough to start playing pubs.

Alex Cowley
Alex wasn’t on the bill to play as a solo act but due to one of the band pulling out last minute, he stepped in to fill in some time. I really enjoyed his set.

Alex Harris
Alex played us a few of his own songs a swell as a few from his previous bands and some well chosen covers. Being a new resident to Peel he has also written a song about Peel Beach which got a good cheer from the local crowd. I enjoyed his set, but feel his songs would benefit from a full band behind him. Hopefully he can get a band together soon.

I’ve seen Maldune quite a few times over the years and although I know they have a huge following, The Dune Army, I’ve never really got in to them. But after their performance at Peelstock I’m a newly converted recruit to the Dune Army, they didn’t just play well but they put on a great show and really looked like they were enjoying themselves. Their newest band member Alex Cowley was really getting in to it and was doing some great guitar stage moves which is great for the camera. I loved the way the whole band were interacting on stage, and Gary was using a radio transmitter so he was all over the stage and eventually in the pit and in the middle of the crowd rocking out to Neil Young’s Like a Hurricane. They finished of with Gary getting on Steven’s shoulders for a guitar solo version of the Manx National Anthem.

The Shedmen
After a great show by Maldune I was worried how The Shedmen were going to follow that, but they’ve been going for nearly 20 years and know how to get the place rocking. They went for a high octane set of 70’s and more contemporary punk which really got the crowd going, even I was singing along! Between songs we got a bit of a punk history lesson while Boz quizzed us about what year songs were from and what cities the bands originated from, we didn’t know the answers, luckily he did. I think he did it to get a bit of a breather, they’re getting on a bit now 😉

The G.A.S.P.
Next up were The G.A.S.P.  A great covers band who play, Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, The Police, as well as some more rockier/blues songs. Steve has a great voice and with Mike and Paul on backing vocals create a great three part harmony which makes their live set sound very polished and professional.

Caution Runners
I’m afraid the rain got too heavy for me at this point and I didn’t want to damage my camera. I took a few shots but Euan and James were so far back on stage I couldn’t get a decent shot of them so I went to bale but got the bus time wrong then wasn’t allowed back in. From what I saw from the locked gates they seemed to keeping the crowd dancing in the rain and having fun.

Checkout the video of Alex Harris on YouTube

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Photographers Notes:
First of I must apologise to the drummers, the stage was so high and deep, that they were hidden away. Even If I could see them they still had a drum kit, cymbal stands, smoke, and the singer in front of them, see exhibit A, and that was while it was still light and no smoke in the way!

If you are a drummer and would like your photo taken in future, please organise a stage pass for me and I’ll quite happily get some pics of you 😉

The main problems with an all day out doors show like this one is the changing light, the height of the stage, and the smoke machine. 

The light was fine during the first few bands. As the sun started going down I started to get a good mix of sun light and stage lights, but when it got too dark I really struggled. The stage lighting wasn’t bright enough to get good exposure. The singer who was at the front and under a bank of LED spot lights just about had enough light on him but band members who were towards the back of the stage were in relative darkness and add the smoke machine in to the mix it was just impossible to get decent photos of them. Earlier on just as it was going darker I tried adding a bit of flash but the band members were too far away and the smoke was just spreading the flash making it worse, like driving in the fog with your full beam on. Smoke machines are normally not too much of a problem I think it was the large distance between me and the band members meant that there was a lot of smoke between us.

The height of the stage was a bit too high but since I always managed to get to the barrier it was fine, but if I had needed to go the other side of the barrier nearer the stage I would have been too short to see on to the stage. I guess it was that high to stop idiots climbing up on to it.

I used my sigma 70-200mm lens all day, I should have perhaps swapped to a wider anglle lens a few times to get full stage band shots but with the rain I didn’t really want to be swapping lenses.  I brought my video camera with me and took a few videos of Alex Harris but I was too busy taking photos and forgot to take any more. (someone else should get in to doing that, I can’t do two things at once)

By the time the last two bands came on the rain had started to get quite heavy, I braved it for The G.A.S.P. but it was too wet by the time Caution Runners took to the stage, I tried to get a few shots but with the problems 
mentioned earlier it wasn’t going to happen.

I thought there was a bus at 10:40 so wanted to check where the bus stop was. I went to have a look. I found the bus stop but then realised that the bus wasn’t until 11:10, I went back to watch Caution Runners but security wouldn’t let anyone back in if they had left, so I spent half an hour in the heavy rain waiting for the bus. A wet end to a great day.

Did I mention the smoke machine?

End Notes:
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The G.A.S.P. website comming soon
Caution Runners website
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