Peter Green and Friends at the Gaiety Theatre

Legendary guitarist and founder member of Fleetwood Mac Peter Green and his band came to the Isle of Man and performed at The Gaiety Theatre.

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The first support act was Chris Gray and Luke O’Reilly who played acoustic versions of a few of Chris’ own songs.

Next on stage was Jerry Christian who must have brought a following with him as there were lots of shout out requests from the audience, the best of which introduced me to John Martyn’s May You Never

Peter Green and Friends performed a selection of well known blues classics as well as Peter’s own songs such as Albatross, Black Magic Woman, The Green Manalishi.


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Photo Notes:
The lighting for this concert was very bad. For Chris and Luke it was very yellow, I had to cool them down abit in post processing  but they still look a little bit unatural. The white spotlight on Jerry was the best lighting of the night. I had to be careful not to let the highlight get blown out, I just used a higher f-stop than the exposure meter was telling me to use. ( I don’t have spot metering). The lighting for Peter and Friends was  just a wash purple and very dark . The spot light on Peter was very pink which isn’t a very flattering colour for skin. I cooled it down a bit in post processing to make it look a bit more natural. The rest of the band were in darkness, the photos of them are awful but I just posted one of each just to show they were there.

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