Phil Maddrell Memorial Gig 2010

Sarah Puzzar - The Heights

Phil Maddrell memorial gig in aid of The Manx Stroke Foundation  at The Colonnade Suite Villa Marina. Featuring  Bus Pass Blues Band, Amost Free, The Heights, Steve Gibbons and P J Wright, The G.A.S.P. and Buncha Skankers.

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Friends and family of Phil Maddrell put on a concert to honour and remember Phil who played a huge part in the Manx music scene. 

First on stage were Buss Pass Blues Band who performed a great set of blues numbers.

Jim Dobbin - Bus Pass Blues Band.

Next up were Amost Free, this was a band put together especially for the evening playing covers of some of Phil’s favourite songs. Band members were Kevin Cleator, Jonny Peacock, Dick Raine and Phil’s son in law Sam Jenkins. All awsome musicians and Sam’s voice really suited the Free songs they covered.

Jonny Peacock - Almost Free

Kevin Cleator - Almost Free

A stunning performance by The Heights, a great bunch of musicians fronted by Sarah’s amazing voice and stage presence. They seemed to be missing a few band members but still put on a great set, and gained a few new fans.

Sarah and Aaron - The Heights

The Heights

Phil’s wife Jude and daughter said a few words in memory of Phil.

Natalie and Jude

Special guests on the evening were Steve Gibbons and P J Wright, who flew in from the UK especially to play in memory of Phil. They played a great set then asked the audience for request. They got the first dancers of the evening up and were even called back on stage for an encore.

P J Wright

P J Wright

The G.A.S.P. were up next and played a really good set which was much more blues rock than they normally do. Their guest guitarist for the evening was Barry Nelson

Paul Kinrade - The G.A.S.P.

Steve Parry - The G.A.S.P.

Tim Reynolds - The G.A.S.P.

Barry Nelson - The G.A.S.P.

Buncha Skankers ended the night with their dance floor filling brand of Ska classics.

Chaz Watson - Buncha Skankers

Andy Marshall - Buncha Skankers

Roger Leece - Buncha Skankers

Pete Williamson - Buncha Skankers

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Photographers Notes:
I’ve taken photos in The Colonnade Suite before and I’ve never got on with the place. There is some stage lighting but it is still quite dark so flash is needed to get enough light to take photos. They have improved the venue by putting up the black curtain behind the stage. But the main problem I have is because of the raised stage, you have to shoot upwards which means the red bit above the curtain and the celing end up in most pictures which I think looks messy.

I made a stupid mistake at this gig. I was trying to balance flash with the ambient coloured lights, using flash to light up the artist but also let in enough of the background light to stop the background being too dark. I did this by using a slow shutter speed.  1/13th of second. The problem with this is so many of the photos ended up with movement blur. They looked fine on the tiny screen on the back of my camera but once on my computer they looked awful. I’ve used slow shutter speeds and flash to freeze the action before but I think perhaps I wasn’t close enough to the artist and the shutter speed I was using was not slow enough and perhaps ETTL flash setting wasn’t putting out enough flash to freeze the movement. I’ll try this again in future but I’ll also make sure I take some ‘safe’ shots with faster shutter speeds to ensure I have some usable shots just in case my experimenting doesn’t work out.

End Notes:
Thanks to Steve Parry for inviting me to take photos of this great event  and sorting out a wristband for me after I left it too late to buy a ticket. And to Jude and everyone who played and organsed the event and donated raffle prizes. I spent what I should have paid for a ticket in to the raffle and managed to win a prize. Unfortunately the Davy Knowles T-Shirt I picked turned out to be a medium ladies fit, so now belongs to my wife. The Davy Knowles and Back Door slam poster and Christine Collister album came with the T-shirt and were great prizes.

If you missed out on this gig, there will be another one on the 28th December 2010, billed as The Bitching Party also in remembrance of Phil Maddrell who used to organise the original Bitching Parties. Local bands including Anna Goldsmith, RedGap, and Geddy Up (Rush tribute) also a raffle and awards. Proceeds to Manx Foundation for the Physically Disabled.
Tickets are £10 available at the Villa Gaiety box office.

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    hi Adrian, thank you so much for taking these fab picures, i will order copies in the new year. Thanks too for the lovely words, am touched by them. Glad you enjoyed it and if you would like to come to the Bitching party let me know and i will get you some tickets xxx Jude xxx

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