The GASP Supporting Level 42

The GASP supporting Level 42 at The Villa Marina Royal Hall, Douglas, Isle of Man. 19th August 2010. (Adrian Cowin)

The GASP supporting Level 42 at The Villa Marina Royal Hall, Douglas, Isle of Man. 19th August 2010.

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The GASP put on such a polished and professional performance, it is no wonder that they are often called upon to provide support for the big acts coming to perform at The Villa Marina. I’ve photographed them supporting artists such as Natasha Bedingfield, Daniel Beddingfield.

This is the first time I have seen them as a full band with a drummer playing on the big stage at the Villa Marina. This allowed them to play songs that suited the full band better, rather than the more acoustic songs I’ve heard them play in the past. They played covers such as Out of the Sinking, Making Plans for Nigel, Vultures, and dedicated their own original song Unknown Zone to Phil Maddrell who was a major part of the Manx music scene, who recently passed away.

Tim Reynolds - The GASP

Paul Kinrade - The GASP

Steve Parry - The GASP


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Photographers Notes:The Villa Marina to me is renowned for poor lighting for the support acts. They tend to use great washes of red lights that don’t change during the set. I was hoping this time that the lighting would be better. Steve and I went to see the lighting guy for a chat but he wasn’t there and since I had an AAA (Access All Areas) pass. My first one! I meant to go back and request that there were blues, greens, and purples, and maybe a white spot or two, but the lighting that was on stage looked fine so I didn’t bother. It turned out fine. There were a few red ones, and one especially seemed to be pointing in a rogue direction that was causing a lot of lens flare, but over all the lighting colour was fine, but a little too dark.

Since the guys had asked me to take photos rather than me just being there to photograph Level 42 I felt a bit of pressure to get some good shots.  So to play it safe  I took some shots at ISO 3200 to give me a faster shutter speed, some at lower ISO and slower shutters speeds which risked movement blur, and some using my 50mm lens at f1.8 which let me use a lower ISO but achieve a faster shutter speed.

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