Turin Brakes at Peel Centenary Centre 2010


Turin Brakes performing at The Peel Centenary Centre supported by Truman Falls, 2nd October 2010.

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Turin Brakes but on a great mellow show to a packed out Centenary Centre.


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Photographers Notes:
The lighting was good on Gale and Olly, and with them sitting down and not moving they were easy targets to photography. Eddie was a bit trickier as it was darker at the back of the stage, I put the ISO up to 1600. Since the guys were sitting there were only so many shots I could get but I tried a few different angles and am happy with the results. 

End Notes:
Turin Brakes website http://www.turinbrakes.com/

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2 Responses to “Turin Brakes at Peel Centenary Centre 2010”

  1. JonNo Gravatar says:

    Great photos of a great band. I went to see them in sept but there was mention of no photographic equipment allowed. Did you get special dispensation? What lenses were used?

  2. Adrian CowinNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Jon. I had permission from the promoter to take photos. I assume he clears it with the band. I used a 28-70mm and 70-200mm both Sigma lenses on a Canon 20D.

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