Craig Heartstrong Foundation Gig 2011

 Steph Gomma (Adrian Cowin)

Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation Gig at Paramount City. Featuring Heaven Scent, Steph Gomaa, Joey Wylde, Anna Goldsmith, Band, Joshua Dillon, Uber Room, Aaron Quinn, and Steven Nash.

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It was a great night of music at Paramount City, in aid of a great cause. Shame there weren’t more people there. With the amount of people the charity have screened I would have thought there would have been more support from the sporting community, but most of the audience were the usual regular gig goers.

 The bar was so poorly stocked I heard some people were heading over to the Queens for a decent pint in between bands. I wish I had thought of that!

 Heaven Scent started the night with three part harmonies and alternating lead vocals. They covered a selection of well known songs. I’ve seen them briefly before backed by a band and I prefer that to backing tracks, but they did a good job of getting the night going.

Jodie Dunnage - Heaven Scent (Adrian Cowin)

Lauren Simpson - Heaven Scent (Adrian Cowin)

Amanda Dawson - Heaven Scent (Adrian Cowin)

Steph Gomma accompanied by Simon Harvey were on next, unfortunately I took a few photos and then went upstairs to see who was on and enjoyed Joey’s set so much I didn’t make it back down, but what I did hear sounded great

Steph Gomma (Adrian Cowin)

Simon Harvey (Adrian Cowin)

Mean while upstairs Joey Wylde got the small but enthusiastic crowd up dancing with some really well done modern covers and a few of his own songs, even throwing in the theme tunes from Fame and Only Fools and Horses. He had really nice interaction with the audience and due to popular demand probably playing most of his songs three times through out the night.

Joey Wylde (Adrian Cowin)

The Anna Goldsmith Band played a good mix of Anna’s original songs and a few covers with a twist. They were already a great band but Simon Campbell’s guitar playing added musically and his stage antics are entertaining.  Even the band members looked on in amusement

Anna Goldsmith - Anna Goldsmith Band (Adrian Cowin)

Simon Campbell - Anna Goldsmith Band (Adrian Cowin)

Mark Brabbs - Anna Goldsmith Band (Adrian Cowin)

Dave and Christy - Anna Goldsmith Band (Adrian Cowin)

As I was enjoying Anna’s set so much I totally missed Steven Nash’s set, I caught him strumming along with Arron Quinn later but, I’ve not managed to see him play and sing solo yet.

I caught a little bit of Joshua Dillon’s set. He has a unique style with a lot of ad libbing and ‘Ooooh Yeah’ ing. I enjoyed what I heard.

Joshua Dillon (Adrian Cowin)

Uber Room finished off the night down stairs with their usual brand of loud guitars, booming bass, heavy drum beats, great vocals, and lots of jumping around. They played mostly their own songs but chucked in a few covers for good measure. These boys put on a great show and I’m surprised they don’t get hurt especially when Geoff was playing guitar standing on the top railing with his head wedged against the ceiling.

Crim - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

Steve Leach - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

Geoff Murphy - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

Scott Beecroft - Uber Room (Adrian Cowin)

The night was finished off with a DJ set from Ben Sowery down stairs and the acoustic jam session upstairs kept a few people on the dance floor.

 Aaron Quinn (Adrian Cowin)

Steven Nash (Adrian Cowin) 

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Photographers Notes:
With only a few dance floor lights on, the venue was very dark. The celing wasn’t suitable for bouncing flash of so I went for direct flash. This ends up casting a few dark shadows from mic stands or on the back wall which I don’t like but couldn’t do much about. Not much to say about technique, as usual I tried to keep some of the ambient coloured lighting but also had to use a shutter speed fast enough to stop blur caused by the artist moving. That only works if they don’t move much, which was fine for most acts but Simon Campbell doesn’t half jump around!  I know from past experience that Uber Room jump around a lot so I set a much slower shutter speed and ISO and let the flash freeze the action. I think I prefer the result I should have tried that all night but it only seems to work if you are up close to the subject. I even got a shot of Scott in mid air, just a shame he had his back to me.

In an effort not to leave out the drummers I politely asked if I could get on stage and get a few shots of them, luckily I managed not to get speared by a guitar headstock.

Upstairs was dificult because my flash was on ETTL so when it sees enough white it cuts off, the problem was the flash refecting off the guitars and the white poster in the background, so some images came out really dark, and the others with nasty shadows on the walls.

End Notes:

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