Rock Academy Isle of Man 2011

Nathan Vaughan (Adrian Cowin)

Students who attended Rock Academy Isle of Man 2011, finish of the week with a gig at the Nobles Park Pavillion.

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Josh Riordan (Adrian Cowin)

Jonathon Kneale (Adrian Cowin)

Abilgail Luxton (Adrian Cowin)

Will Morris (Adrian Cowin)

Corey Vaughan (Adrian Cowin)

Ben Yeardsley (Adrian Cowin)

Callum Clague (Adrian Cowin)

Ben Richard Beth and Beth Kaneen  - Jake (Adrian Cowin)

Ben Richard Beth and Richard Kinrade - Jake (Adrian Cowin)

Lily Wolter - A Fashionable Statement (Adrian Cowin)

James, Brad, and Daniel  - A Fashionable Statement (Adrian Cowin)


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Photographers Notes:

The difficulty at this gig was the sunset shining through the windows behind the stage. I used a faster shutter speed to reduce the sun light and used flash to add some fill in light on the band members. I was also trying not to get in the way as the audience were sitting down and many had video cameras. There were also a lot of microphone stands in front of the band even when there was only one singer so this made it difficult to get clear shots.
End Notes:

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