The GASP at The Garden Party 2011

Steve Parry - The GASP (Adrian Cowin)

The GASP put on a great set at The Garden Party, it was great to see them gigging again.

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 Mike Reaney - The GASP (Adrian Cowin)

Paul Kinrade - The GASP (Adrian Cowin)

Steve Parry - The GASP (Adrian Cowin)

Tim Reynolds - The GASP (Adrian Cowin)

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Photographers Notes:
The main concern was that the sun was shining through the white back and side of the stage causing the band members to be silhouetted. I made sure I under exposed slightly so that the white wasn’t over exposed, and used flash to fill in the shadows on the band members.

End Notes:
Check out The GASP’s website
Check out The Garden Party website

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