Truman Falls at The Garden Party 2011

Simon Rea - Truman Falls (Adrian Cowin)

A really nice set by Truman Falls, the perfect sound track to a hot summers day.

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Christy DeHaven - Truman Falls (Adrian Cowin)

Paul Tonks - Truman Falls (Adrian Cowin)

Anna Goldsmith - Truman Falls (Adrian Cowin)

Dave Armstrong - Truman Falls (Adrian Cowin)

Paul Teare - Truman Falls (Adrian Cowin)

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Photographers Notes:
The thing I remembered at this daylight gig was to make sure I used a fast enough shutter speed to avoid movment blur. At Mannifest last year, the photos looked fine on my camera but once on my computer a lot of them were ruined because I was using a slow shutter speed. For most of these photos I was using 1/200s f4.5 and ISO 100 with my flash on ETTL at -2.

End Notes:

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