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Truman Falls at The Garden Party 2011

A really nice set by Truman Falls, the perfect sound track to a hot summers day.

RADIUS 2011 at The Peel Centenary Centre

A concert to raise awareness of depressive illness and to help eliminate stigma about the condition, and other mental illnesses. Organised by John Gregory in association with TalisMann Promotions. Featuring The McLeans, Truman Falls, Catherine Crowe and Matt Creer, Will Creener, Blue John and Papa Cass and Friends, and Marcus Bonfanti.

Truman Falls at Peel Centenary Centre 2010

Truman Falls supporting Turin Brakes at The Peel Centenary Centre, 2nd October 2010.

Truman Falls at The Villa Marina Arcade

Truman Falls playing a lunchtime gig  at The Villa Marina Arcade as part of the Soundbites sessions organised by The Isle of Man Arts Council